Dev Update #6: v0.85.65

Welcome back to the long road ahead part six! This journey will take you over bumps, through twists, a few turns, and fortunately a few good beers before it’s over. Hopefully, you won’t be puking at the end of the ride, but instead enjoying a good ‘ol buzz of BEER CHEER!

Last week was a big one. I was able to catch up with Bend Brewing Company (BBC) and we are now working to bring their beer bottles to the game, and also offer some cool prizes for redemption at their pub located in downtown Bend, Oregon. This week you can see some of the early progress that’s been made to the scenes for BBC as we work to bring a unique experience that BBC fans will enjoy while waiting on their next Hop Head at the pub.

Along with a ton of new art work added to the game I have been hammering out bugs as usual. There were a few show stoppers that kept the player from moving between scenes. These have been removed with a forceful stomp to the face. A lot of UI work has been done to scene transitions as well making it appear a little smoother.

This week will be filled with more bug squashing, and hopefully I can get some work done on the Google Play Saved Games issue. The goal is to have that done within the next week or two for sure so that I can start iOS development. It’s more than apparent how many people have iPhones, so we gots to make the jump. Along with all that be on the lookout for additional game mechanics, and some scene tweaking.

My family also celebrated my Dad’s 83rd birthday over the weekend.  He celebrated with a requested can of Coors Lite and the presence of his three grandsons.  My father has always been an old school guy.  No matter how many Ching Chings or Boneyard RPMs I put under his nose he turns up only for Coors.  After 83 years he can enjoy whatever beer floats his boat, I guess. 😉

Thanks for stopping by once more. I hope you got a good snore. Hey, that rhymed.



Dev Update #3: v0.85.50

Well, this time last year we were up on our roof shoveling snow here in Bend.  Today it is expected to hit 60 degrees and I’ll be taking a run in shorts here pretty soon.  Maybe with a little extra time I can get some progress going this week!

Last week was all about the locations selection screen and the scene selection screens.  I was able to get those working pretty good, and also spent a good bit of time reworking the scene unlocks.  Now each scene is unlocked by the number bottle caps the player has earned.  For instance, scene 2 is unlocked when the player has earned at least one cap.  Scene 5 will open once the player has earned 7 caps.  Currently, while progressing through the game the scenes are accessible in succession, but remain locked once you exit the game screen and revisit the scene selection screen.

There is now also a screen for location stats, and a redemption screen! The redemption screen is a big work in progress, and ultimately what I hope will be a big part of the game. Imagine being able to play for prizes from your favorite brewery!

This week the plan is to restrict the player from moving to the next level in-game if they do not have enough scene caps, and to improve the “Win” scene panel.  This week will also include scene improvements and perhaps some new bottle additions.  I will also probably be doing some scene selection screen customization depending on what location has been selected.

I want to give a shout out to @brewsite for the talk on Bend Beer History at Deschutes Brewery this past Saturday.  He has spent a good bit of time researching Bend, OR beer history and has put together a book filled with interesting and lesser-known facts.  Be sure to check it out and order one online from Amazon if you can’t get in person.

I also took a break with my little boy over the weekend and visited Vector Volcano for some pinball action.  We ran across Bally/Midway’s Tapper game conveniently sitting next to the Deschutes tap.  I was kind of in beer Nirvana and had to be shaken a few times.  This game has definitely inspired mine in a lot of ways, and I hope to bring that same feeling to players of BEER CHEER.  Can’t forget the classics!

Thanks for tuning in once again and if you have any ideas for this lil crafty beer game please let me know!