Dev Update #6: v0.85.65

Welcome back to the long road ahead part six! This journey will take you over bumps, through twists, a few turns, and fortunately a few good beers before it’s over. Hopefully, you won’t be puking at the end of the ride, but instead enjoying a good ‘ol buzz of BEER CHEER!

Last week was a big one. I was able to catch up with Bend Brewing Company (BBC) and we are now working to bring their beer bottles to the game, and also offer some cool prizes for redemption at their pub located in downtown Bend, Oregon. This week you can see some of the early progress that’s been made to the scenes for BBC as we work to bring a unique experience that BBC fans will enjoy while waiting on their next Hop Head at the pub.

Along with a ton of new art work added to the game I have been hammering out bugs as usual. There were a few show stoppers that kept the player from moving between scenes. These have been removed with a forceful stomp to the face. A lot of UI work has been done to scene transitions as well making it appear a little smoother.

This week will be filled with more bug squashing, and hopefully I can get some work done on the Google Play Saved Games issue. The goal is to have that done within the next week or two for sure so that I can start iOS development. It’s more than apparent how many people have iPhones, so we gots to make the jump. Along with all that be on the lookout for additional game mechanics, and some scene tweaking.

My family also celebrated my Dad’s 83rd birthday over the weekend.  He celebrated with a requested can of Coors Lite and the presence of his three grandsons.  My father has always been an old school guy.  No matter how many Ching Chings or Boneyard RPMs I put under his nose he turns up only for Coors.  After 83 years he can enjoy whatever beer floats his boat, I guess. 😉

Thanks for stopping by once more. I hope you got a good snore. Hey, that rhymed.



Dev Update #2: v0.84.14

So last week started with a few fires as I scrambled to get the high score insertion bug sorted out. With the 2+ players I have testing the game and actually providing feedback, I didn’t want to kill any momentum with some stupid little high score bug. Because the nasty little bugger only presented itself on 50% of testers devices I had to borrow a device in order to confirm. Well, the device I borrowed (Asus tablet) ended up dying on me Monday morning as I was beginning work. I thought it was dead at least. Apparently, lithium-ion batteries do not like being depleted completely. After half the day had gone by I plugged the device in using a different cord and outlet which slowly began to charge it.

Eventually, I got all set up and was able to not necessarily fix the bug, but use a few try-catches to suppress the error and handle it for now. Sometimes, you just have to patch it and move on until it hits you in the middle of the night. I’ll probably be up with our crying baby anyway. 🙂

I was also able to get a lot of the foundation for being able to add different locations added. The “Scenes” menu has been replaced with the “Locations” menu. This will open up options for having different breweries or venues that contain their respective “Scenes”. I’m liking the feel of having the “Locations” menu item so far and will prob keep this layout.

This week I am concentrating on the location scene selection screen as this is where the player will select the next scene to play or learn more about that particular location. I will also probably be updating the backgrounds for all the “For the CAUZ” scenes as they look to factory-ish and are vectors acquired from Vecteezy. I have been slowly changing out all the graphics with my own vectors. I may still use some from Vecteezy, but the plan is to keep this very minimal.

I am also making some headway with marketing the game. Currently, there is a facebook, twitter, and Instagram page setup that I will try to keep updated. I am posting some links on Reddit in hopes of getting some more alpha testers as well. I have no idea how to market a video game so this will be an interesting show. As most everyone knows I have no prior experience making a video game either soooooooo…

If you find any bugs or have any ideas to add to the game please let me know.

Until next time fellow beer gamers!