Dev Update #12: v0.85.75

Yes, it really is dev update #12! The time is flying by and every day I am making decisions what to keep in the game and what will take too long to develop. This month, April, I was supposed to be opening up the beta version of the game for everybody. I am still working hard to do that, but I am running a little behind. One of the setbacks has been making sure my Google Play account was setup correctly under the right business.  This is currently an ongoing process as I work with a Google rep to correct issues.  Another pain in the ass has been setting up an Apple Developer account. Wow! Apple makes you pay just to be able to use their test flight program while the app is in beta.  But before that you have to apply for a DUNs number. In this regard Google is way more approachable and I appreciate that.

Between coding and business admin I did get a chance to enjoy a few beers last week.  We headed up to Mt. Bachelor for some “Spring” skiing, and had a great day while enjoying a few good beers.  One big surprise was the Hawaiin Crunk by Riverbend Brewing. It was surprising because I visited their pub several years ago and was not too impressed. Well, it looks like with their release of a series of Milkshake IPAs they have found a good spot.  This was actually my first Milkshake IPA ever so I am a little biased, but this one has peaked my interest and I will be trying their others.  Unfortunately, the Your’e In the Jungle Baby by Evil Twin Brewing did not hit my tongue with the same note.  We ended up fighting with this one and making a few bets as to who could finish the beer, but eventually half the can went to the drain.  Just not my style, sorry. The can is beautiful though!  I do applaud Evil Twin for their unique brews and urge them to continue.  Even if I didn’t like it I enjoyed giving it a try if that makes sense.

After heading home from the mountain we hit up Crux Fermentation Project and enjoyed the infamous Crux Stout and the Cocoanut Stout as well.  Crux is always a great place to enjoy a beer or two with the family, but with all the construction and road closure going on I may stay away for a month or two.  It was really a hassle to get in there.  We will be back though once things settle down.  When we got home it was almost necessary to pop open a bottle of Crux’s Fabled Grapes Wild Sour Ale. Now, this was a real treat and one I could sip on all night.  The wax tipped bottle AND cork make for a classy bottle affair.  We had some family in town who were here in Oregon to bottle their new wine, and they were pretty impressed.  There are still a lot of people that have not experienced beer like this.

Over the weekend we hit up Bend Brewing Company for their annual Easter egg hunt.  While there I had a chance to try the Chocolate Jackelope Stout.  It’s beers like this that keep me coming back to BBC time and time. Plus the fact that they have a great space on the South side of the building for kids to play while us adults can chill on the patio or by the fire pits.

Well, after a few people in town and a pretty busy weekend it’s back to game dev. I have a lot of scene/level balancing to do this week.  As the game evolves with new mechanics the difficulty level has to be tweaked and some scenes have to be reorganized to make the progress seem as fluid as possible.  I have a good friend in South Carolina helping me out with play testing, and she has dug up some really good stuff for me to fix.  So, hopefully next week I can release this piece for beta and not have to worry about signups anymore.

Well, that’s it for this week’s bits.  Please keep drinking good beer and stay tuned!


Dev Update #10: v0.85.72

Hey guys and gals and welcome to week 10 of this barrel system! I hope you all have settled back down after chasing rainbows and are now cuddling a delicious ale while counting your gold.  If you didn’t find any, don’t fret because that lightning strike missed me too!  I did, however, have a great time with my family over the weekend which is something no pot of gold could ever replace.

I also could not replace the cup that was used for Deschutes Brewery’s Mirror Pond that I purchased at the Traxxas monster truck event last Friday.  I manned up and threw it down like I was at a Monster Truck event!  I also had to man up and buy the kid the obligatory monster truck toy that every toddler in the building seemed to have their hands on.  Hey, anything to keep him there til the end while Dad watches multiple trucks destroy themselves through competition.  MERICA!

And what would we do here in America without the Irish blood that flows through our veins?  In search of something green I hit up Boneyard Beer for a dope trucker hat at a decent discount.  Plus they had their milk stout on tap and Incredible Pulp, which is all the green I really needed.  The only other thing I need is for their new pub to open!

Speaking of pubs, we hit up Sunriver Brewing for lunch this past week to get a break from the desk.  The pub was packed, and we were able to get the last table without wait.  I ordered the beef sliders and a Sunny D.  Both were incredible. The sliders were a little raw which she told me to expect.  They were cooked just as described, but I think I will keep mine on a little longer next time.  The Sunny D was much hazier than I thought, but went down as smooth as any other IPA I’ve had.

Well, as you all know in between sips I do a little game development here and there.  This week was no exception, and I am excited to announce that the Google Play Games saves are now working much much better! I will never say perfect, but a lot of progress was made.  Saving high scores is now working again, and clearing up some errors also fixed some seemingly unrelated issues too!  Big shout out to Bill for once again stepping through that code with me as we walk each other through Unity and C#.

Another big advancement was the addition of bottle replicators.  These handy devices are used to replicate a bottle continuously through the line. Players can use them to create more Cheers bonus and fill six-packs faster.  They are also great for fulfilling Bottle Card requirements.  When a beer is placed in a replicator the beer is shown on the replicator’s screen and the production line will then start brewing that beer.

I’ll be making some major changes to scene difficulties this week as many of the scenes are now unbalanced due to major changes from the previous weeks.  I may also take a break and work on a new design idea I’ve been pondering.  Until next time my fellow sud sippers.



Dev Update #6: v0.85.65

Welcome back to the long road ahead part six! This journey will take you over bumps, through twists, a few turns, and fortunately a few good beers before it’s over. Hopefully, you won’t be puking at the end of the ride, but instead enjoying a good ‘ol buzz of BEER CHEER!

Last week was a big one. I was able to catch up with Bend Brewing Company (BBC) and we are now working to bring their beer bottles to the game, and also offer some cool prizes for redemption at their pub located in downtown Bend, Oregon. This week you can see some of the early progress that’s been made to the scenes for BBC as we work to bring a unique experience that BBC fans will enjoy while waiting on their next Hop Head at the pub.

Along with a ton of new art work added to the game I have been hammering out bugs as usual. There were a few show stoppers that kept the player from moving between scenes. These have been removed with a forceful stomp to the face. A lot of UI work has been done to scene transitions as well making it appear a little smoother.

This week will be filled with more bug squashing, and hopefully I can get some work done on the Google Play Saved Games issue. The goal is to have that done within the next week or two for sure so that I can start iOS development. It’s more than apparent how many people have iPhones, so we gots to make the jump. Along with all that be on the lookout for additional game mechanics, and some scene tweaking.

My family also celebrated my Dad’s 83rd birthday over the weekend.  He celebrated with a requested can of Coors Lite and the presence of his three grandsons.  My father has always been an old school guy.  No matter how many Ching Chings or Boneyard RPMs I put under his nose he turns up only for Coors.  After 83 years he can enjoy whatever beer floats his boat, I guess. 😉

Thanks for stopping by once more. I hope you got a good snore. Hey, that rhymed.