Dev Update #13: v0.85.86

Wow! It’s been almost 6 years since my last update. I did not intend to stop developing this game, but life happened and I lost track of this goal. I’m not making any excuses, though. I should have kept going in some capacity. I apologize to my few fans that were cheering me on. I am currently getting back on this horse and plan to ride it out until my sun sets.

I’ve actually been back in the dev chair for about two months now and have made tremendous progress on the game. The UI is different, the gameplay is refined, the physics react better, and there is now a good feel to progression in the game. What was once just a few bottles going across the screen is definitely turning into a fun and challenging casual game.

For me… BEER CHEER is much more than a game. It’s the embodiment of my love for craft beer and my love for gaming. It’s an experiment in creativity that has blossomed into a digital work of art. It’s like cracking open a fresh bottle of Deschutes Red Chair while riding the actual Red Chair on Mt. Bachelor. Yeah, that feels so good!

I can’t wait to see the leaderboards full of players competing for high scores and hopefully wanting more levels to challenge their fingertips. This is all really a dream at the moment, but it’s starting to take shape. There will be ever increasing challenges from here out and I am not even clear about how I will market this game. I am hoping it will make its way into the right hands and people will accept it as not just beer game, but a game of skill and strategy mixed with a little luck.

At the moment there are a few more bullet points I need to cross out before release. I’d like to get a few more obstacles and power-ups into the game and I need to continue balancing out the gameplay for each level/scene. If you would like to give me feedback or encouragement please sign up for the closed and open testing phases and join the Discord channel for live chat.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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