Hello, world!

What in the world is this all about? BEER CHEER?!?!? Sounds so cheeeeeeeeesey! For those who know me, cheese of any kind is NOT a good thing.  Well, BEER CHEER is most definitely NOT about cheese, however, if you like fermented milk then you might also like fermented wort!

BEER CHEER is the culmination of my experience with video games and beer.  It is the epitome of my existence nonetheless.  I have spent 20 years submerged in both worlds and now I would like to use that “wasted” time to create something fun & educational that can eventually help support my family.  In 2012 while drinking a delicious craft brew and playing video games I spilled my beer all over the controller. I did not panic. I did not throw the controller through the TV screen or pass out in defeat.  Instead, I had this genius idea of making a video game brew!

In 2013 I started playing with Unity, and found that with their new 2D tools I was able to get something up and running pretty quickly.  Well, I hit a few roadblocks and ended up putting down the project until Fall of 2017.  I spent who knows how many hours listening to C# and Unity tutorials over the course of 2-3 months.  I have previously had experience with C#, and I’ve been a web apps developer for years, but Unity is really new for me.  During this time I continued to work on BEER CHEER and around November of 2017 I had some playable levels that I could call a game… or something like a game.  With the encouragement of my wife, two underage kids, and some family & friends, I am attempting to do something I have dreamed of doing since squashing my first koopa.  I plan to release my first video game this year before the age of 40.

I hope you find my game to be fun and provide a little cheer here and there throughout your day.  It’s nothing fancy, but I do have plans to make it more interesting, and rewarding for mobile gamers that have an affection for beer.  This is the alpha stage.  This is where I let people see the work I have been pouring my time into for the past few months.  I’m depending on some critical advice, and even some creative input to help me mold this game into something more than just me. I just hope people eventually download this game and say, “Hey, this is pretty cool! Beer me.”

BEER CHEER is more than just a mobile game. It’s that feeling you get when taking your first sip at the pub.  It’s that cheery spirit brought back when tasting a new beer for the first time at the Lil Woody Festival or maybe even the nostalgia that runs over your body when cracking open that favorite beer you drank in college! BEER CHEER is an attitude.  BEER CHEER is an emotion.

Awwwweee… see there I go… getting all cheesey.



PS. Mispelled what?!?!?

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