Dev Update #1: v0.84.0

Sooooooo… I probably should have been blogging about the game’s development before now, but now is better than never.  At this point, there are 10 levels which in BEER CHEER are called scenes.  I am trying to reach at least 25 solid scenes before opening up beta testing to the public.  If you are able to test the game and provide feedback, please do so here on the most recent dev blog.  I may open up some other way to communicate dev issues/bugs, but for, now this will have to do.

Every time you leave a comment about a bug or feature you think would be great, please comment with the build version you have on your device.  This can be found on the home screen in the bottom right-hand corner. The title of the latest dev blog post will specify the version number.  Please make sure you are testing that version or higher.

I don’t expect to get a ton of feedback as I am still learning the channels and circles to get some good testers, but hopefully, someone is playing the game out there and wants to chip in.  I am trying to find ways to reward those that help with development.  For now, I truly appreciate your time. Thank you!

v.0.84.0 Build Notes

  • Scenes intermissions now have hints.
  • Scenes now have names.
  • Scenes must be unlocked to play
  • Players must get at least a bronze cap to unlock the next scene
  • Cap indicator is now in top left of game screen

Next Up

This week I am working on a bug that only shows up for users that previously downloaded the game and have updated to 0.84.0.  The bug freezes the game after completing a scene. Yeah, this one is bad and I can’t reproduce it on my device (Pixel 1).

I will also be adding a locations button to the main menu which will replace the scenes button.  From the locations screen, you will be able to pick the Brewery and then play that brewery’s scenes.

Any ideas? Let me know!



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