Dev Update #5: v0.85.64

This morning the elliptical machine told me that I had too many IPAs over the weekend and that I was probably not going to beat any records.  Unfortunately, BEER CHEER is a thing to be moderated. As with all good things in life (ie chocolate) we must learn to balance our indulgences to maintain healthy symmetry! The good thing is… the more I work out during the week the more I need to balance that with a beer or two on the weekend! Lessons for my fellow beer-bellied gamers. Lessons!

Last week was a whirlwind of baby and beer bottles as I walk a thin line between not getting them confused. ???? The major update of the week is a new mechanic for the conveyor belts.  Some conveyor belts will have a cheer meter or cheer switch.  Currently, there are only cheer switches making a debut on Scene 10 for this version.  In order to change the direction of the conveyor belt you must perform at least one cheers.  If your cheer meter depletes the conveyor belt will switch back to the incorrect direction.  Tricky tricky huh!

v.0.85.64 Build Notes

  • Cheer switches have been added.
  • BEER CHEER bonus bug has been fixed.
  • “Cheers” is now said every time there is a cheers.
  • Added new “Cheers” voices (Mom & Ezra).
  • Scene management code has been reworked for 3rd time.
  • New Scenes added to SM alpha location.
  • When empty bottles cross the finish line progress is removed. They must be recycled.
  • Exit scene button has been moved to left side of screen.
  • Retry and Next buttons have been moved to lower left of screen.

There were a lot of technical issues with scoring that was fixed and I am happy I invested some more time into figuring out how to limit the hit detection between two 2D objects in Unity.  It is a little trick that tells the other object to become the sub-object, but it eluded me for a while.

Not only was there a lot of development progress this week, but there were lots of marketing starts as well.   Unfortunately, I can’t share all of those tidbits at this time, but hopefully, in next week’s update, I can let the cat out.  Thanks for stopping by and checking in.



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