Dev Update #8: v0.85.691

This is week 8 of the dev blog log jog.  I am currently trying to stay focused on making this happen in 2018, but as everyone knows drinking beer and making games is not a fast process. Well, drinking beer can be, but I like to savor the hop gold in every pint.   I chugged a few beers in my day, but that was usually because the beer tasted awful.  Now that I’m off that funky fresh rocky mountain water I tend to slow the pace and intake the full body of my beers.

Speaking of beers! This week’s craft coding choices had me writing “for loops” and “if statements” like a pro!  One of the first craft beers I ever had upon arriving in Oregon was Dead Guy Ale.  Recently, Rogue Brewing started canning this little treat and it’s a nice malty escape for sure.  Next up was the Coffee Porter by Anchor Brewing. I’m usually not a morning beer type of person so I had this one in the evening while working on scene 10.  Now, I’m trying to decide if I should be a morning beer type of person.  I finished off last week’s coding sessions with the Galactica IPA by Clown Shoes.  I was totally taken off guard by goodness in this can! I have always been a comic-reading beer nerd so can art like this will probably be the norm around here.  I love it when breweries use these marketing routes and the beer actually taste good too.

So, in between sips, I was able to get some game development done.  In preparation for release we of course would like the game to be on the iOS platform.  Well, last week I was able to get the game running on my wife’s iPhone and plan on getting it into the Test Flight Apple Developer Program here soon.  That was a big step as a major part of the smartphone market is on iPhone despite my detest… ???? . I’m such a hypocrite as 95% of the game has been developed on my MacBook at this point.  Laptops and phones are two different beasts, though… I am just thankful I was able to export from Unity and build from Xcode with a few bumps.  It took a good bit of time to massage the code and settings so that finally it built.  Plus a lot of Google searches. Good week indeed!

That wraps it up for this stretch. See ya soon!



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