Dev Update #9: v0.85.7

Over the past week, there have been many great gains on the game front!  A ton of new bottle art has been added to the game, and I have streamlined the process of adding new bottles. It’s not a very lengthy process, but nonetheless… The core bottles in the game are currently all based on art provided by  Many of these vectors I had to manipulate or redraw in order to create the bottle animations, but Vecteezy has been a great place to start.  The files I am using are approved for commercial use as long as I give credit, which is no problem considering the time it saved on the initial prototyping.

I encourage people starting out to use any free assets that you can. At some point, I may have to redraw all the art, but it has been great to just get things working and figure that out later.  As well as vector art and sprites many of the particles were purchased from the Unity Asset Store.  Being able to pull together assets has been tremendously effective with development.  This is definitely a golden era of game-making.  Unity, Unreal, and the game dev community, in general, are in a pretty ripe stage.  If you have an idea for a game and want to learn to create then the time is now!

Last week’s art additions were also accompanied by some good hop additions!  The week started with a dose of Hazy Expectations by Matchless Brewing on the slopes of Mt. Bachelor.  It was a beautiful day that felt more like being at the beach than at the mountain.  I grabbed our kid’s wooden sled and a can to keep me warm while the little one made snow castles.  I ended up stripping us both down a few layers as the Spring… I mean Winter sun exceeded ALL expectations whether hazy or not! After coming down from the mountain high I headed over to my wife’s inaugural showing of Wedventure LIVE at Spoken Moto where Deschutes Brewing provided Fresh Squeezed to the cast and crew.  The night was pretty amazing and I learned a ton about live production just by being in the building.  I also learned that Oblivion Brewing had beer on tap…hmmm…

Later in the week, I checked out the Bend Unity Meetup where upon meeting some really cool guys into making games, plus one guy who is already an amazing game developer! The coordinator, Roger Miller, was more than helpful by answering some good questions and giving me a few minutes to demo BEER CHEER.  The meet-up is geared towards Unity beginners, but I just love that I can go somewhere in town and be around people making games… all while drinking an awesome Oregon-brewed beer.  We all split a bottle of Level Brewing’s Let’s Play while discussing Unity character animation.  Pretty much the stuff of dreams for this beer nerd!

In the coming week, I will be adding yet another game mechanic, and refining those I’ve already added previously.  I’m getting to the point where I need to decide what is necessary for launch or not.  The scope creep is real!

Well, as usual, it’s on to more lines (code) and hopefully a few more beers in between because that’s the only way I will read them probably.



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